Copywriting Guidelines

Mission Statement:

We provide unique and flexible solutions for web development, app development, and software development.

Tagline: Creating digital solutions for the future of business

Extended SEO: Custom tailored web, app and software development for businesses shaping the future

Value Proposition:

Mango Projects is a unique and flexible website, app and software development company tailoring our methodology, team, reporting and pricing to our client’s individual business needs. Our unique approach to project management allows for continuously flexible team size and cost-efficient execution of projects. We go beyond listening to client’s development needs to understand their primary business goals and custom tailor a development solution to their business.

Key Stress Points for Customers:

  1. Lack of communication.
    Solution: With Mango, our project manager will use your company’s primary communication tool (email, Slack etc.) to be in constant contact with your team throughout the development process and is available 8am-6pm PST.
  2. Lack of technical expertise
    Solution: The Mango team has combined experience of over 80 years of web development, app development and software development. Our expansive team allows Mango draw on experts in all programming and markup languages to develop a solution best suited to your business case.
  3. Lack of focus on quality
    Solution: Mango focuses on developing functional and scalable solutions with the highest level of quality. Compared to other contract developers who pass the finished product over and disappear; our team will not only develop the software but we stand behind our work and can maintain and deploy the solution for your company as required.

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