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Mango is a trusted Shopify Partner helping business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and established companies thrive with top-notch web development.

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Why Choose Custom Web Development?

Business-Specific Features
There’s no one-size-fits-all in web development. Creating your web application with a professional developer means your theme, architecture, and more will complement your needs perfectly whilst looking and feeling completely unique.
Unlimited Scalability
As your business grows, your web application needs to keep up with its skyrocketing demands. A custom-built platform gives you the freedom to adapt in the future, meaning your online presence never holds you back.
Improved UX
A seamless user experience is imperative. Custom web development streamlines the entire user journey, resulting in boosted engagement, increased retention, and a higher rate of returning visitors.

The Reason Customers Can’t Get Enough of Mango’s Custom Web Development

Microservice Architecture
Our incredible teams are well-versed in microservice-based development (breaking large apps into smaller parts, each with a unique responsibility). This allows for greater scalability, easier maintenance, improved data security, and much more.
Rich Experience Using the Latest Technologies
Working day-in, day-out to provide custom web development as a Shopify developer, we’re well-versed in navigating the latest technology. Our teams confidently approach every project using platforms, tools, and tech, such as AWS and NoSQL databases.
Agile Methodologies
We consistently collaborate to reassess and adapt our methodologies, ensuring the end result aligns with your requirements for web development.

Seamless Web Development Made Simple with Mango

Customer-First Approach
Our final product always mirrors your precise vision. That’s because we prioritize continuous collaboration with every customer for requirement analysis, feedback, and demo. We’ll even be on hand to provide maintenance and improvements when your web application is live.
Driven by Quality
There are no shortcuts at Mango. That’s the reason our customers rate us so highly for our custom web development – because every project is driven by a desire for the highest quality. So, you can expect nothing less than the very best.
Tried-and-Tested Project Management Structure
Since launching in 2018, we’ve perfected our project management structure. Our flexible team size coupled with our always-cost-efficient execution means we meet every timeline with confidence.

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